Exploration Geologist -- Iluka Resources -- Exploration

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This position will provide geological and organizational expertise for the exploration and evaluation of heavy mineral deposits in the USA.
Duties include, but are not limited to:Target Generation- The generation and maintenance of geological thinking in regard to the various areas being explored;
- Assistance in the design and execution of exploration programs testing exploration targets in USA.
Field Exploration - The efficient (on or under budget) and safe implementation of appropriate exploration programs as per the design Exploration Expenditure Proposal (EEP);
- Ensure the sample collection, storage, data processing, storage and transfer, from exploration activities, is of the highest quality
Data validation
Ensure the accuracy and distribution of assay requisition forms.
Sachet scanning and geological interpretation.
Preliminary identification of mineral composites for assemblage studies.
Creation of standard geological sections and assay sections with
geological interpretation for all drilled targets.
Ensure the timely distribution and return of samples from assay
Creation of final assay sections, and where appropriate marking on these sections composites required to be sent for mineral assemblages.
Organization of composites to be collated by the assay laboratories and sent for full mineral assemblage determinations. Visual inspection of mineral
separates and organization of samples for XRF analysis.

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